Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Ting Tings - Show Us Yours Tour

This (and school) is the reason that posts have been few and far between. For that, I apologise. Anyway:

I went, along with my lovely friend Lucy, to see The Ting Tings at the Fire Station in Bournemouth. And they F@CKING ROCKED! Totally worth it. The last time I saw them was in 2009 at the Oasis in Swindon, I was a tad shorter, and was stuck in the middle of a throng of drunken idiots. No joke, there was a fight in front of us, and Katie yelled for them to stop it. They did (GRRRL'S got the power).

Any who, we got there 20 minutes before the doors opened, to find it dark outside and one person standing around. Turns out that this was the right place as we heard the bands warming up. Eventually, other people turned up and milled around until the doors opened for a stage hand to talk on the phone. He then pointed to the barriers saying that that was where the line began, so we all walked around and to the barriers. The guy (the early one) wanted to talk to some people, and let us go first. We were FIRST IN LINE (in Swindon I was near the back, due to it snowing).

We walked in and straight to the front. The floor was quick sticky, and it made amusing sounds as we walked. First-there-guy literally speed walked passed us to get to the stage. Really no rush. We were first in line and subsequently at the front against the barrier, in the centre. A place to die for.

After (I think) an hour of talking and waiting, the lights dimmed and on stage jumped Charli XCX in a sparkly jacket, amazing DM's and a dress so tight that I don't think she was wearing a bra. She got up there, screamed her lungs out, wiggled, and jived. The bass from the drums alone would have knocked my trousers down if I were not wearing a belt. She squawked out five songs and jumped off stage, only to return with free CD's of 'Nuclear Seasons', which was sung amazingly. It is now a new favourite.

Another 45 minutes of milling now confronted us, with the room becoming increasingly crowded. When the lights eventually dimmed again, I was pressed against the barrier, next to first-there-guy (who, no offence was so short I think I may have bashed him the head a few times). Firstly Jules jumped upon stage, followed by Katie. Both of them, impressively, could pull of the 'long sock' look (as popularised by Rod Brydon on Qi).

Katie destroyed the stage, I was worried for her safety. Over went the guitars, the electric drums, the microphone stand (multiple times), and almost the big drum at the back (if a stage hand hadn't dived in at the back to hold it up).

Enough of me talking, look at the pictures. Only a few, as my phone was no able to work in the low light conditions. Not that I was bothered, it was still a great time.

 This is Charli XCX singing her heart out. There is a girl in my Sociology class who does singing in the local bars and pubs around where I live, and Charli is what I imagine her to grow up being like. It seems like a perfect match.
The Drum! It was already showing signs of wear and it had only been through 2 concerts before. To be honest, Katie did knock 7 bells out of it.

Katie, just after she came on, before she lost her hat.

She was so close I could almost touch her (not in a creepy way).

Katie and Jules (who got out from behind the drum kit a surprising number of times during the night).

Just an after party high (for me at least): They retweeted me!


My haul from the night:
'Nuclear Seasons' CD,
Ticket to get me in.


THE SET LIST (one of 6 or 7 from the stage)!!

In all, an amazing night, far better than the first tour. They have been practising. I woke up this morning, ears still ringing, and my voice gone. I think it was Shut Up And Let Me Go that did it. I don't think that I've been that loud in my life.

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